The NFL has multiple franchises searching for a new head coach, but it seems the Denver Broncos have made the first strike. After a thorough search of candidates, Denver has decided to hire Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett. This franchise has officially entered a new era.

According to Tom Pelissero, the Broncos moved swiftly to land Hackett. Before seven in the morning on Thursday, Denver officially hired Nathaniel Hackett before he could interview with the Jacksonville Jaguars. Either way, the former Packers offensive coordinator takes control of a talented roster in the AFC West.

We'll see how this all plays out, but with the Broncos rumored to be interested in Aaron Rodgers since the beginning, this only adds fuel to the fire. Even Mike Garafolo speculates the possibility of Rodgers joining Denver in the offseason. However, that is all speculation for now.

It's nice to see the Broncos break the mold and change up their head coaching hire. The last two were defensive-minded coaches and it didn't quite pan out. Now, Denver reels in one of the league's best play-callers for a rather talented offense. This franchise is officially now a quarterback away from becoming a legitimate Super Bowl contender.

This is a massive hiring for Denver, as Nathaniel Hackett was one of the top candidates available in this head coaching cycle. He has a ton of potential and Broncos fans should be excited about the future. With the majority of the defensive roster likely staying intact, the offense finally receives the boost it needs to compete.

Considering how stacked the AFC West is right now, this is a phenomenal hire for the Broncos. This team will have to perform at their best if they hope to make the playoffs. Keep an eye on this franchise, as they're bound to make some splashes throughout the offseason.