Not only does Garett Bolles protect Russell Wilson's blindside, but he protects how he plays as well.

Wilson endured intense scrutiny for his poor level of play during the 2023 season. Wilson wasn't the sole reason for the Broncos' lack of success, but as the veteran leader of the team, he came under the most fire for the team's failures.

Last season's failures have motivated Wilson to work even harder, however. Bolles has clearly taken notice, via ESPN's Jeff Legwold.

“He's a great dude, he's the same guy every single day, he works his butt off,” Bolles said. “And I'm ready for that stuff to go away and when it goes, everyone's going to eat crow.”

“I think he's phenomenal. … We knew who he was as a person, we know who is. … I love him dearly. I think he's one of the greatest quarterbacks in the game the last 10 years. Stats don't lie, just because you have one rough season in the last 10 years you can't dictate what type of guy, his personality, what he goes through.”

Bolles suffered a fractured leg and missed the majority of the 2022 season. Despite not being on the field to physically protect Wilson from defenders, Bolles has been one of the strongest voices advocating for Wilson.

“He's one of the winningest quarterbacks [the] last 10 years, you guys know the stats, that's just who he is,” said Bolles. “… Random rumors and things like that and the fire burns. It's like a forest fire, you start in one corner and the wind blows and it just burns thousands and thousands of acres, and that's sort of what happened.”

“[But] he's not focused on that, he just wants to win.”

Russell Wilson and the Broncos will look to improve an offense that ranked dead last in points per game (16.9) in 2022.