Deshaun Watson is inching closer to a return to game action in the NFL. On Wednesday, he was finally able to practice with the Cleveland Browns, with his 11-game suspension nearing its end. But what was talked about more than Watson's return to practice in the Browns locker rooms was the looming heavy snowfall in Cleveland's road game on Sunday against Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills, per James Palmer of the NFL Network.

“But that was not the biggest story when we talked to players in the locker room. It is what the forecast is expected in Buffalo. As you mentioned, several feet, some forecast state that this could be a historic snowfall in Buffalo. As of right now, Kevin Stefanski told us that he hasn't heard any word about this game possibly being moved because of the weather.”

While the Browns wait for Deshaun Watson to get full clearance to play, they will be starting Jacoby Brissett anew on Sunday. Brissett has played in severe snow conditions before, so at least the Browns have a quarterback with that particular experience. Meanwhile, Palmer also stated that some of the Browns players even sounded over the prospect of playing in deep snow, including running back Nick Chubb, who can be expected to carry a bigger load than usual when factoring in the weather. The Browns, so far this season, are seventh in the league in rush play percentage and fifth with rushing yards per game.

The Browns could potentially play Deshaun Watson in Week 12 against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home.