The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' tandem of Tom Brady and Mike Evans simply has not been clicking at its usual rate of late. Evans and Brady were totally in sync over the past two seasons, but 2022 has been a different story. While the whole offense has taken some significant steps back, the connection between Brady and Evans looks completely out of whack, and now the veteran receiver has shined some light on what he thinks the issue is. Via ProFootballTalk, Evans told reporters on Thursday that he thinks he needs to do a better job at creating separation on his routes.

“It’s a game of inches and everything matters, so I have to be better. I’m used to getting two, three yards of separation on multiple routes. I’ve got to get back to that,” said Evans on Thursday.

A down year for Evans isn't much of a down year at all, if we're being honest. The 29-year-old has recorded 51 receptions for 702 yards and three touchdowns this season while being targeted 85 times. Over the last three weeks, Evans hasn't recorded more than 55 receiving yards in a single game for the Buccaneers. He's maxed out at five receptions during that span, and he hasn't scored a touchdown since Week 4 when he had two.

Evans took the blame for his lack of success in recent weeks, however, dismissing the notion that Brady may not be reading the coverage properly.

“Yeah, he's reading it right,” said Evans. “It's on me.”

Evans will be in for a grueling matchup against the Saints, with whom he has some personal beef against star cornerback Marshon Lattimore. A big outing against the Saints star would do wonders for the confidence of both Mike Evans and Tom Brady, while re-strengthening their connection ahead of the Buccaneers' stretch run.