The Bucks just lost to the Pacers in six games and Doc Rivers is getting roasted by NBA fans, who've ascribed a large amount of blame to him. Rivers took over the team from Adrian Griffin in January after Griffin apparently was unable to truly connect with the team although they started the year 30-13. Rivers first couple of months with the team leading into the playoffs was a bumpy ride to say the least. From significant criticism from former players such as JJ Redick and a large amount of injury problems that plagued the roster, he had to weather a storm unimaginable to push the Bucks to contender status heading into the playoffs.

The Bucks were dealt a crushing blow when Giannis Antetokounmpo sprained his calf on April 9th and didn't return for the team's series against the Pacers. Damian Lillard, acquired from Portland last Fall, was expected to step up in his stead, serving as the defacto star as they take command of the series. But, Lillard injured injured his Achilles tendon in Game 3 and was out Game 4 and 5. The Bucks managed to win Game 5 to force one more game but were unsuccessful.

In postgame comments, Doc Rivers said he was committed to making the Bucks a contender again.

“I’m gonna do whatever I can for this franchise. I think we can win [and] I’m going to do everything I can to create that because it means more to me than you think.”

NBA fans are not interested in hearing about the Bucks' injury misfortunes or the outlook for the future of the team with Rivers at the helm. For many, considering Doc Rivers' perceived failure is sufficient reason to criticize the Bucks' coach.

“Doc Rivers really gave up a cushy NBA announcing job paying him millions just to be eliminated in the first round and choke in the playoffs again,” posted @Ndinsanity.

“I don’t feel sorry for Bucks fans one bit. They’ve made jokes about the Sixers for years. & no, this shit won’t be better next year because Doc Rivers is still there & yall don’t have assets to get better,” posted @OHGEENiCK.

“Bucks really thought singing Doc Rivers would make a difference. Shii damn near made then worse,” posted @Saints81331529.

“Honestly hat tip to Doc Rivers for taking an insane amount of money to lose and knowing he was going to lose the whole time and telling us he was going to lose the entire time and then losing. That’s good stuff,

“No matter what happens tonight, Doc Rivers took over the 2 Seed and was eliminated before the 76ers,” posted @PaulyPocket06

@AustinPlanet took time to criticize how the Bucks did coach Mike Budenholzer following their loss to the Miami Heat last year, saying, “Always thought the Bucks were idiots to fire Coach Bud. He had his issues but he was a damn good coach. Much better than Doc Rivers.”

Doc Rivers and the rest of the Bucks organization are gonna have a long offseason as fans pile on the criticism for what seems like a wasted season.