While it certainly wasn't the biggest move across the league, the Milwaukee Bucks addition of Patrick Beverley was one of the most divisive deals ahead of the trade deadline in the NBA this season. Not only was it confusing to see the Philadelphia 76ers move on from Beverley, but he also had some long standing beef with Milwaukee's star guard Damian Lillard.

In order for the Bucks to not just make this trade work, but also go on a deep playoff run this season, they needed Beverley and Lillard to quickly mend their fences now that they are teammates. Beverley recently revealed how the pair managed to accomplish that, with a dinner meal being used for the guys to hash out their differences so that they could achieve a common goal in Milwaukee.

It's not uncommon for guys in the NBA to have issues with each other, but the Bucks were taking a bit of a risk pairing Patrick Beverley up with Damian Lillard in their backcourt. Not only is Beverley one of the most fiery players in the league, but he and Lillard had quite a public argument just last season that caught a lot of attention across the league. There was no guarantee that this move would work for the Bucks.

Luckily, it appears to have worked out so far, as Beverley and Lillard quickly hashed things out, which was vital for Milwaukee after making this move. With their beef in the past, the duo will work on helping the Bucks achieve their championship dreams, which is precisely why they were brought to town in the first place.