Buffalo Bills: What we learned from tough Week 10 loss to the Browns
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Buffalo Bills: What we learned from tough Week 10 loss to the Browns

The Buffalo Bills remain one of the most surprising teams in the NFL. Despite encountering a full-on rebuild and selecting current starting quarterback Josh Allen in the first round of the 2018 NFL Draft, many have already forgotten that the Bills are just a few seasons removed from reaching the postseason… even after their loss to the Cleveland Browns.

Once again headed toward a postseason berth, which would be the first under the direction of the aforementioned Allen, the Bills sit in fifth place in the AFC playoff picture behind the four division leaders. With the New England Patriots, Baltimore Ravens, Houston Texans and Kansas City Chiefs presently occupying the top four spots in the AFC, respectively, the Bills are the top wild card team in the conference.

However, Buffalo will need to keep things rolling into the second half of the 2019-20 regular season after most recently suffering a close loss at the hands of the inconsistent and unexpectedly mediocre Cleveland Browns. With the Bills coming up short by the score of 19-16 against the Browns in Week 10, Buffalo still owns an impressive 6-3 record on the year. Because of the team’s status as a current playoff team, the Bills have a real shot at reaching the postseason, though Buffalo will need to stay on top of its game down the stretch.

If this success is going to continue, even after a loss to the Browns may have knocked the team’s confidence down a few notches, the Bills offense will need to get going in a big way. Although the Browns defense can be quite potent and high powered at times, the Bills offense didn’t really do much of anything against Cleveland this past Sunday afternoon. Allen and company must perform better and simply must score more points if the Bills are going to have a shot at the postseason and excelling in the postseason if they can get there.

Against the Browns, the Bills managed a mere 16 points while the team had a touchdown taken off the board that came by way of defense. Not only that, but Buffalo secured a safety, which added two points to the 14 that came by way of a pair of touchdowns scored in the second and fourth quarters, respectively. As for Allen, he finished the forgettable outing by completing 22 of his 41 passing attempts for 266 yards and zero touchdowns. He also rushed for 28 yards and two scores on six carries.

Although the Bills offense couldn’t do much against the Browns, and quite frankly hasn’t done a ton throughout the season, this is actually a positive for Buffalo. The Bills could have very easily beaten the Browns on Sunday afternoon while the team’s defense has been elite for the majority of the year. This is a telling sign that the Bills can still get it done — or nearly get it done — even with a middle of the pack offense. Additionally, with an offense that is by no means consistent, the AFC East franchise has still managed to win six games already this season.