Game 1 of the NBA Finals was one of those contests you just want to move on from if you're a Cleveland Cavalier.

With the exception of LeBron James, Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving, no one showed up to play for the Cavaliers. Despite a superb job of limiting Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson offensively, Cleveland lost 104-89 on Thursday night.

The Cavaliers struggled to shoot the ball, as they converted on just 38.1 percent of their shots. A large reason for their struggles offensively was due to the fact that Cleveland may have tried to isolate a bit too much:

The Cavaliers not only struggled to shoot the ball, they simply couldn't move the ball around enough. That is a credit to the Warriors' defense, but Cleveland needs to play smarter when it comes to running their offense.

If Cleveland is forced to rely on isolation plays involving James and Irving all game long as they did in Game 1, the Cavaliers will be looking at a quick exit from the NBA Finals. In order for Cleveland to have any sort of chance in this series, they need to space the floor and get open shots for guys like J.R. Smith and Channing Frye, both of whom were non-factors in Game 1.

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