The Jayson Tatum-led Boston Celtics hoped to repeat as Eastern Conference Champions against Jimmy Butler's Miami Heat. In pursuit of that, they added a playmaking guard by the name of  Malcolm Brogdon. Since then, Brogdon exceeded expectations come the regular season, even winning the Sixth Man of the Year award. However, things would take an unfortunate turn for him as he got injured in the Eastern Conference Finals

Brogdon missed Game 6 due to a forearm injury, and while he was cleared to play in Game 7, he did not look the same. After their brutal 103-84 loss on Monday, during which he failed to score on three attempts, Brogdon opened up regarding his injury.

“What was reported was correct. It's a partial tear of a tendon, I don't know the name of the tendon but it's coming out of my elbow. Unfortunately, you use it a lot to shoot. So, when I'm shooting, I'm having a lot of pain,” Brogdon confirmed with much dismay as he lost his shooting touch, per Brett Siegel of ClutchPoints

“Yeah, super disappointing. I came here to win a championship, to help this team as much as I could. I thought we had a great season. After the season we had, it's definitely crushing. For me personally, I did feel, I do feel great, my body feels great. I just have this tear in my arm which is unfortunate but it's part of the game.”

Malcolm Brogdon, however, is not making excuses as he understands that injuries are part of the game. He went on to point out how his teammate Jayson Tatum also got injured early in Game 7 but battled through it, as well as the Heat who have been nursing a couple of big injuries to key players for most of the postseason.

“I tried to battle through it, JT tried to battle through a sprained ankle literally on the first play of the game, so and there are guys on the Heat that are battling through stuff. So, this is how the game is. Sometimes the ball doesn't roll your way. But we'll regroup and we'll be back next year,” Brogdon said as the curtains closed for the Celtics' Banner 18 hopes.