Celtics news: Terry Rozier says Game 3 was the most long 2s Boston took all season
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Terry Rozier says Game 3 was the most long 2s Boston took all season

Terry Rozier

After going up 2-0 on the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Boston Celtics laid an egg on Saturday and suffered a huge loss to the Cavaliers in Cleveland. There are many reasons for the loss, but Terry Rozier might know what the main one was.

The Celtics could not get much going in the way of offense on Saturday. They shot just 39.2 percent from the field. That accuracy — or lack thereof — won’t win many playoff games.

in light of that, Rozier told reporters on Monday that their poor shooting was a result of taking too many long two-pointers, per Jay King of the Athletic.

It’s possible Rozier knows for a fact that the Celtics took the largest amount of those types of shots. Team nowadays track data so granularly that those numbers could be some of the ones being tracked.

Or, it’s equally possible that Rozier just means it felt like the Celtics took that many long 2s because it was more than usual. Either way, the Celtics definitely did not play the brand of offense to are accustomed to playing.

Long tw0-pointers have been found to be the most inefficient shot in basketball. Teams now design their offenses to avoid them, and defensive design schemes to encourage them.

As a result, the league has seen less and less players who are ultra-efficient at midrange jump shots. Chris Paul, Kevin Durant and DeMar DeRozan are really the only players that shoot them with some regularity anymore.

Because the Celtics are missing Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward, they need to rely on their spacing in order to score. But long 2s don’t work to further that cause.

Celtics fans should rest assured that they will come out looking much better on Monday.