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Anthony Lynn expects Chargers starters to play less in preseason after studying teams like the Rams

Anthony Lynn

The Los Angeles Rams made headlines when they gave their starters only a handful of minutes in the preseason. It appears head coach Anthony Lynn has seen that there is a method to the madness.

The Rams caught plenty of flak for their decision to essentially sit out the starters during the preseason in an attempt to stay as healthy as possible.

According to Jeff Miller of the Los Angeles Times, Lynn plans to do the same after doing his own due diligence on the matter:

Anthony Lynn also said he expects the Chargers starters to play less this preseason. Said he studied teams like the Rams from last preseason and the results were undeniable.

This is certainly an interesting development coming out of Los Angeles. The preseason has long been seen as an opportunity to get the starters assimilated to game speed before the regular season.

However, there are obvious risks that come with playing in a game that means nothing and the Rams took note of that by taking a more cautious approach.

The Rams finished as the healthiest team in football in 2017. Although they suffered some injuries to key players last season, they were still one of the more healthy teams left standing during their Super Bowl run.

It is no secret that the Chargers have similar aspirations moving forward and are well aware that they will need to be as healthy as possible in order to do so.

Lynn will likely expect the backups to handle the bulk of the playing time this preseason.