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Chargers tweet a hilarious reaction to rumor that they are considering relocating

A few years ago it was announced the San Diego Chargers were moving to Los Angeles and becoming the Los Angeles Chargers.

Since then, the attendance in Los Angeles has not been good. They are also struggling mightily this year at 4-5 (although a two-game winning streak indicates they might be turning it around).

With all that going on, something pretty wild happened on Tuesday. Rumors swirled that the Chargers were moving to London. Even crazier, the rumor picked up a strong amount of traction.

However, the Chargers themselves took to Twitter to address the rumors. They did not give a simple “yes” or “no” though. Instead, they took the comedy route and used a video to deny the rumors.

That’s classic meme usage right there. Everyone loves using the “I’m not leaving” bit from Wolf Of Wall Street as often as possible. This was a golden opportunity and Los Angeles didn’t pass up on it.

There is no single highlight from that clip because everyone is fantastic. However, it’s hard not to notice Louie Lastik from Remember the Titans every time that clip is played.

For the Chargers though, the highlight is that they aren’t leaving. Or at least, that’s what they say.

To be fair, rumors are simply that. They usually have very little evidence behind them. At the same time though, what else are the Chargers going to say in this situation.

They are already facing tons of backlash for leaving San Diego. Admitting they failed in their move this early would not be a great move. Clearly, if something is happening, they will wait until it’s finalized to announce anything.

For now, all we have are the rumors and Los Angeles adamantly denying those rumors with a video of Leonardo DiCaprio cursing up a storm.