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Chargers QB Philip Rivers calls out team for costly errors after loss to Lions

Philip Rivers, Chargers

Los Angeles Chargers quarterback Philip Rivers was not happy with the team’s mistakes against the Detroit Lions on Sunday and made that very clear after the game.

The Chargers only lost by three points and they had plenty of opportunities to put up many more points. Kicker Ty Long missed two field goals and the team had three costly penalties that brought back touchdowns and overturned interceptions. They also had a costly turnover from Rivers and from running back Austin Ekeler, who fumbled it at the one-yard line.

“When you turn it over in the red zone twice and then have two touchdowns called back, you’re asking for it,” Rivers said after the loss, via Daniel Popper of The Athletic. “That was what I felt like all day: We’re asking for it.”

The Chargers looked like the better team all afternoon, but the mistakes cost them and now they have some questions sitting at 1-1.

“It’s going to sting the whole way home. I know that,” center Mike Pouncey said. “Because we let this game get away from us. We had this game.”

1-1 might not seem terrible because this is a team that should still win a lot of games, but they are playing in a very competitive AFC West and every win could mean everything.

One loss in September can be recovered from, but it could be the difference between winning the division or not, or maybe even making the playoffs in a Wild Card spot or getting some golf in extra early because they are watching the playoffs from their couch.