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Rex Ryan rips Joey Bosa for taking so long returning from injury

Rex Ryan has never been afraid to speak his mind and it appears Los Angeles Chargers star Joey Bosa is the latest guy to be on the wrong end of one of his rants. While talking on ESPN about injuries he pointed out that he thought Joey was milking his foot injury and also took a shot at his younger brother Nick who left Ohio State because of a core muscle injury. Via 12up.com.

“If Joey Bosa ever decides to show up — I don’t know if he has to ask his dad for permission — because we know the Bosas, if there’s an injury that’s a week to 12 weeks, they’re gonna take it all the way to 12 weeks,” Ryan said. “This is the NFL, man. … Nobody understands this injury. I think, speaking as a Chargers fan, we’re all like, ‘Where is this cat?’”

The Chargers are really missing Bosa’s production on the field and it’s unclear when he will be able to return to the field. Last week Bosa said that they basically started from square one trying to get back from the injury and it’s been a long road.

In regards to Nick, Joey said it was a family decison with Nick leaving Ohio State which probably is a big reason that Ryan is ripping into the family.

It’s interesting that people are ripping him for leaving school though when there really wasn’t much to gain playing out this season. He is going to be one of the first pick in next year’s draft and an injury is really the only thing that could derail that.