Chiefs news: Andy Reid reveals how long he'd like to be coaching
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Chiefs’ Andy Reid reveals how long he’d like to be coaching

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The Kansas City Chiefs became Super Bowl champions to cap off the 2019 NFL season. It was head coach Andy Reid’s first ring.

Now the team is not only poised to make another run in 2020, but for the foreseeable future. Kansas City signed quarterback Patrick Mahomes to a 10-year extension that could net him over $500 million.

So with their franchise quarterback secured for the long term, the question has to be asked: How long does Reid plan on coaching?

After all, he is a very important piece to the success of the team. As long as he is in the mix, Kansas City will remain contenders.

And that’s where the good news comes in for Chiefs fans. According to Terez A. Paylor of Yahoo Sports on Twitter, and Darin Gantt of Pro Football Talk, Reid has given his answer.

Reid turned 62 years old in March. So that gives him at least eight more seasons left if he keeps his word on that. With Mahomes and Reid, the Chiefs team could be perennial Super Bowl contenders and potentially establish a new dynasty in the NFL.

Many might assume that Reid would be closer to retirement. Now that he has his long-awaited Super Bowl ring, maybe he would decide to pack it up sooner rather than later.

Instead, it seems to have only made Reid more hungry. He does not seem satisfied with just one Lombardi Trophy. And the Chiefs could be the perfect team for the head coach to continue and close out his career with.

Obviously, age 70 is still a long way away for Reid. And even when he hits that age, he could easily keep going as he did say he’d like to coach into his 70s. So at least for now, Kansas City fans should not be too worried about losing their head coach any time soon.