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Electric 71-yard catch-and-run by Chiefs’ Tyreek Hill sets up TD vs Bills

Tyreek Hill, Chiefs, Bills

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes fired a dart to Tyreek Hill on an underneath route before the wide receiver broke loose for a 71-yard catch-and-run play against the Buffalo Bills. While the speedy wideout could not get into the end zone, the scoring unit completed the drive three plays later with a short, 1-yard pass from Mahomes to Travis Kelce for the touchdown.

Even when it looks like the defense might have the Chiefs contained, Kansas City always finds a way.

Having has minimal success stopping Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs’ offense, the Bills entered the second half, intent on bringing pressure in the pass rush. Rushing six on a 2nd & 1o play with Kansas City working on their 25-yard line, Mahomes found Hill on a quick cross route just short of the first down marker.

While Hill had a defender on his heels, the wide receiver gained an early step on the cornerback before stopping and reversing direction to avoid a trio of Buffalo players ready to tackle him and halt the Chiefs’ offense.

Once he broke loose, he was off to the races down the field, and the Chiefs soon added to their lead.

Though the Bills were eventually able to bring the wideout down inside the five-yard line, the Chiefs wasted little time extending their nine-point lead. As Buffalo is discovering, trying to stop Kansas City’s deadly offense is always easier said than done.

The Chiefs gained a 31-15 lead and punished Bills head coach Sean McDermott for kicking multiple field goals in the Kansas City red zone. The Bills needed to score touchdowns to win this game, but their repeated decisions to kick short field goals put them at a competitive disadvantage. Tyreek Hill, Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid, Eric Bieniemy, and the rest of the Kansas City braintrust would not allow Buffalo to rest easy in this game.

The Chiefs are now in the Super Bowl for the second straight season.