Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce may currently have a remarkable NFL career, but he is bound to make it big as well on TV once he hangs it up, according to former NBA player, Chandler Parsons.

A two-time Super Bowl champion, four-time First-team All-Pro, three-time Second-team All-Pro, and eight-time Pro Bowler, Kelce has established himself as one of the greatest tight ends of all time, amassing an illustrious career that was entirely spent with the Chiefs. He holds the NFL record for most consecutive and most overall seasons with 1,000 receiving yards by a tight end with 7, as well as the record for most receiving yards by a tight end in a single season with 1,416 in 2020 despite playing only 15 games.

Kelce, 33, may have accomplished everything so far in his 10-year career, but Chandler Parsons believes he's on his way to being a bigger star on TV when it's all said and done. Kelce was a guest for FanDuel TV's Run It Back show where he talked about golfing with Parsons, gave his thoughts on the Cleveland Cavaliers' season, and shared his relationship with LeBron James, among others. At the end of the interview, as Kelce was about to leave, Parsons gave a parting message to the all-time great:

“People don't know Travis Kelce is the greatest personality ever. As successful as his career has been, it’s even gonna be better after he’s done playing football,” Chandler Parsons says.

Despite clearly making a name for himself on the football field, Travis Kelce has shown also the skill of articulating himself in a valuable, entertaining way on television, YouTube, or other media platforms. He hosted an episode of Saturday Night Live this past March, entertained a crowd by tossing the Lombardi trophy in a concert, and even expressed a lot of interesting opinions in the aforementioned Run It Back show.

It's great seeing Kelce get love from his buddy Chandler Parsons. It'll definitely be interesting to see what Kelce plans to do after retirement, whether on TV or elsewhere.