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Chiefs fan fined for shining laser at Tom Brady


The New England Patriots faced the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game in last year’s playoffs. Despite the Patriots winning, there was some controversy involving a Chiefs fan.

According to TMZ Sports, Dwyan Morgan was fined for shining a laser at Tom Brady. Morgan was fined $500 after pleading guilty for disturbing the peace at last year’s game.

During the game, there seemed to be a green light that flashed across Brady’s face before he snapped the ball. As most fans know, laser pointers are prohibited from NFL games.

The Chiefs and the NFL launched an investigation into the matter and used video to find the culprit. They finally figured out that it was 64-year old Dwyan Morgan.

After cracking the case, the Chiefs banned Morgan from Arrowhead Stadium for life.

Now, Morgan will have to watch his beloved Chiefs from home. That is probably the worst part of this whole matter as the Chiefs are poised for another great season in 2019.

Of course, the Patriots defeated the Chiefs in the AFC Championship game in overtime last year. Brady and the Patriots showed resilience as they orchestrated a 13-play drive to begin overtime.

On that drive, Brady completed four passes to put New England in a position to win the game. Then, Rex Burkhead ran it three straight times to get into the endzone and give the Patriots the victory. In the end, the Patriots would end up winning the Super Bowl.

For Morgan, he witnessed his team fall to the Patriots and now he will have to suffer the consequences of shining a laser in Brady’s face.