Patrick Mahomes is in jovial mood after powering the Kansas City Chiefs to the Super Bowl 57 win over the Philadelphia Eagles, and he's taking the celebration online.

After celebrating like crazy on the field and in the locker room following their 38-35 victory over the Eagles, Mahomes then took it to Twitter to declare to the whole sports world that the Chiefs are Super Bowl champions once again.

He kept his tweet simple, but it's sends the message clear: the Chiefs are the kings of the NFL.

The Chiefs have now won four Super Bowl titles in the last four years, and considering that Patrick Mahomes is just 27 years old, there are a lot more championships on the horizon for Kansas City.

Chiefs fans will also love the mentality that Mahomes has. While many are already declaring them as a dynasty with what they have accomplished and with what else they can do, the veteran quarterback said it's still too early to say that. Clearly, he is hungry for more as he looks to establish himself as one of the greatest QBs ever and the team as an all-time best franchise.

Mahomes certainly deserves to celebrate the win. He worked hard for it and got the bragging rights, which he can use freely now that they are back on top.

Kansas City entered super Bowl 57 as slight underdogs, but Mahomes gave everyone an important lesson: never, ever count them out.

Congratulations, Super Bowl champs!