The Kansas City Chiefs suffered a rough 20-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills, and a go-ahead touchdown was taken off of the board as a result of a Kadarius Toney offsides penalty, which has caused both Patrick Mahomes and Andy Reid to blast the officials when speaking after the game.

“I've played seven years in the National Football League and never had offensive offsides called,” Patrick Mahomes said, via Sam McDowell of The Kansas City Star. “… You want until a minute left to make a call like that? … Let us play the game.”

Mahomes was seen very frustrated and yelling on the sideline after the ball was turned over on downs and the Bills ran out the clock. Clearly it was still bothering him in the press conference. Although Andy Reid did not have the fiery reaction that Mahomes did on the sideline directly after the call, he had strong words for the officials as well, saying that he was not pleased that the officials did not warn Kadarius Toney that he was lined up offsides the way they have before.

“It's a bit embarrassing for the National Football League for that to take place,” Reid said, according to Adam Schefter of ESPN.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this, and if the Chiefs lean into the perspective throughout the week.

The Chiefs fell to 8-5 with the loss, and they have the New England Patriots coming up on the road next week. Kansas City will look to lock up the AFC West in the next few weeks. The Chiefs now own just a one-game lead over the Denver Broncos in the division.