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Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes reacts to Colin Cowherd’s jab about stadium throw

patrick mahomes, colin cowherd

Patrick Mahomes recently made a ridiculous throw this week where the ball almost completely left Arrowhead Stadium. It didn’t take long for Colin Cowherd to ruin the moment though for the Kansas City Chiefs quarterback.

After seeing the video, Cowherd had to mention Tom Brady and how he isn’t spending time throwing footballs out of stadiums. Cowherd doesn’t seem to be a big fan of the young quarterbacks in the NFL besides Sam Darnold.

The Chiefs young quarterback didn’t let Cowherd’s jab bother him and he stood in the pocket and delivered a perfect response.

Cowherd has recently made his calling as being a troll in sports media. The longtime talk show host and sports media member has made headlines with his “hot takes” on Baker Mayfield.

Cowherd also took time this offseason to criticize Odell Beckham Jr. as well. Whatever gets people to tune in and gets you views I guess.

Nevertheless, Cowherd is in one of the no-fun guys in sports media right now. Obviously, Mahomes was doing this throw for fun and doesn’t spend his whole offseason working on throws to the parking lot.

Mahomes is coming off a 50-touchdown season where he took home the NFL’s Most Valuable Player Award in 2018. With Mahomes under center, the Chiefs had the best offense in the NFL last year and were taken down by Cowherd’s guy in Tom Brady in the AFC Championship game.

Regardless, the future is bright for Mahomes but Cowherd will find a way to spin this stadium throw into a reason why the Chiefs signal-caller won’t succeed in the NFL.