The Kansas City Chiefs' loss against the Detroit Lions was largely because of core absences. Andy Reid unexpectedly lost a good tight end in Travis Kelce which made their options suffer. Chris Jones also could not help blitz Jared Goff when the quarterback was in the pocket because he was holding out for a better contract. But, things are starting to change in their NFL Week 2 matchup against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Travis Kelce and Chris Jones are back on the gridiron and they hit the iconic D-Generation X chop. Both were seen to be happy in their conditions. However, the Chiefs' tight end and defensive tackle still have not been confirmed to play in the Jaguars matchup.

Both of them are looking to make a comeback soon given the tough schedule ahead for the Chiefs. A huge step towards that was them getting action. The only drawback was that both of them were listed as limited participants during the practice.

Andy Reid will try to get them both back as soon as possible before they dig themselves into a hole. Kelce has been known to recover well when facing minor setbacks in his decade-long career. Jones, on the other hand, looks ready to sack Trevor Lawrence and give the Jaguars a hard time.

Only time will tell if they do end up playing in the NFL Week 2 matchup. But, it is never too bad to hope for changes in the schematics and for other players to step up despite their looming absences.