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Atlanta strip club gives Clippers’ Lou Williams a nod for Thanksgiving

Lou Williams, Clippers wings

It’s Thanksgiving and everyone’s definitely in a mood for giving, including Los Angeles Clippers guard Lou Williams’ favorite restaurant.

Lou Williams’ favorite strip club, a.k.a. chicken wing joints in all of Atlanta, is giving a nod to one of their most loyal customers in Williams by offering one of the best Thanksgiving deals out there to give other Black Friday deals a run for their money.

Magic City, a premier strip club based in Atlanta, Georgia, is offering a 50-pack “LouWill Lemon Pepper Chicken Wing “ deal for the holiday. Aside from being a gentleman’s establishment where you can make it rain and get a couch dance, Magic City has been known to dish out one of the best chicken wings in the country. And, the Clippers star can attest to this.

One of the more recent hiccups in Williams’ 15-year career in the NBA was a few months ago when the three-time Sixth Man of The Year awardee broke league protocol to pay respects to his grandfather who passed away. After visiting his family, Williams was seen under the neon lights of Magic City, but he later clarified that he was definitely there to grab a plate of his favorite wings. Williams loves these wings so much that he even went ahead and actually got a trademark for the name “Lemon Pepper Lou.” Talk about dedication.

The latest word out there is that Williams might be on his way out of the Clippers organization after they made a ton of moves in the free agency. Will Magic City’s wings be the key in paving the way for Williams to move to Atlanta and join the Atlanta Hawks for the upcoming 2020-21 season?