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Avery Bradley says closest teammate to Boban Marjanovic is Shaq


Los Angeles Clippers 7-foot-3 behemoth Boban Marjanovic keeps on getting comparisons with other legendary big men. The latest to compare him to an all-time great was teammate Avery Bradley, who said that the closest teammate he had to Boban was Hall of Famer Shaquille O’neal.

“We have a lot of guys that are capable to fill it up any given night, including Boban. I mean he’s like instant buckets, man. And it’s fun to watch him. I’ve never played with a guy like Boban. Maybe Shaq.” Bradley said in this video the L.A. Clippers official account posted on Twitter.

Bradley’s statements are indeed a reach as Boban’s career so far is nowhere as decorated as The Diesel’s was.

Shaq is probably the most dominant force the NBA has ever seen. His game was predicated on brute force and strength, accompanied with a stunning athleticism for a guy his size. Shaq often bullied his defenders in the paint, and there was nothing anyone can do about that.

Boban, in a way, similarly does the same. In an era where small ball is prevalent, it’s easy to see how Marjanovic can bully smaller centers inside and score with ease for the Clippers.

However, Marjanovic is very slow-footed and does not have the versatility to move around the court with ease. He finds difficulty in keeping up with the quicker big men around the league, and is often exploited in pick and roll situations with guards who can just blow by him.

This is the reason why the Clippers big man has not seen much playing time for the most part of his career. Head coach Doc Rivers uses him sporadically, and when he does, it’s usually dependent on the match-up. In six games this year, he is playing just 9.3 minutes per game and is putting up 8.3 points and 4.3 rebounds per contest.

Nonetheless, Bradley was probably just referring to Marjanovic’s dominance whenever he sees the floor. Sure, he won’t be able to match Shaq’s Hall of Fame career. But he’ll probably be just as dominant in the short, sporadic opportunities that he gets.