Los Angeles Clippers forward Kawhi Leonard is known for having a dry personality, but former teammate Lou Williams made a surprising admission about Leonard's sense of humor.

Williams said that Leonard is one of the “top-3 funniest teammates [he] ever had” on FanDuel's ‘Run It Back' NBA Show:

Former Clippers guard Williams elected not to share any moments involving Leonard's sense of humor, “for the sake of his reputation.” Williams then elaborated slightly, “Everybody has him confused, but I love him for it.”

San Antonio Spurs fans certainly don't think Leonard is funny. In Leonard's return to San Antonio last week, the Clippers forward was booed to the point that Spurs coach Gregg Popovich grabbed a microphone and implored fans to stop.

For his part, Leonard said that he understood why Spurs fans would boo him, especially when he's coming into their arena wearing a Clippers jersey. Moreover, Leonard knows that Spurs fans understand their boundaries, as he feels nothing but love from them whenever he's outside the court.

“If I don’t have a Spurs jersey on, they’re probably going to boo me for the rest of my career. They’re [some] of the best fans in the league and they’re very competitive. Once I step on this basketball court out here, they show they’re going for the other side. And when I’m on the streets or going into restaurants, they show love,” Leonard said.

Up next for Leonard and the Clippers – they take on the defending champion Denver Nuggets on Monday night.