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Clippers owner Steve Ballmer’s ill-advised nut grab hilariously goes viral

Steve Ballmer Clippers

For a brief shining moment, the Los Angeles Clippers battled back against the Phoenix Suns in Game 6. In a game that the Suns led nearly wire-to-wire, LAC looked like they were in the midst of another epic comeback.

Nic Batum hit a triple with less than two minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter to cut what was once a 15-point deficit down to seven. The furious comeback had Staples Center buzzing, but nobody was more hyped in the arena than Clippers owner Steve Ballmer. But perhaps old Steve was a little.. too excited?


The Clippers owner’s hilarious moment caught the attention of NBA Twitter, which we all know is undefeated when it comes to these golden situations. Most were just down to straight goof Steve Ballmer for wilding on live television.

Some fans were straight worried about the LA Clippers HR coming at their boss for some possible infractions.

One lonely fan was even jealous of the attention the Clippers owner was giving his courtside companions. You’ll find someone, guy!

Though things didn’t turn out the way that Clippers fans had hoped for in Game 6, safe to say this moment will go down in the Steve Ballmer reaction Hall of Fame.