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Clippers use Hollywood sign to get fan votes for DeAndre Jordan’s All-Star bid

deandre jordan
Brandon Wade/Associated Press

After a recent prank went viral in Los Angeles with the Hollywood sign changed to “Hollyweed,” the L.A. Clippers took advantage of it to try and get All-Star votes for their starting center, DeAndre Jordan.

The team altered a photo of the famous sign and used the letters “VOTE 4 DJ” instead, posting it on their official Twitter account on Tuesday morning.

NBA teams have been known to come up with unique and often hilarious ways in promoting their players for the mid-season spectacle. Just last week, the Sacramento Kings misspelled the names of other perennial All-Stars on purpose while spelling DeMarcus Cousins correctly to try and get him more votes for next month’s game in New Orleans. The Houston Rockets also got in on it, posting a photo of James Harden as Gandalf from ‘The Lord of the Rings’ series.

It will certainly be interesting to see what other gimmicks other teams will come up with to get their stars votes for the All-Star game. With the Clippers taking it to the next level, it will definitely take a more creative way to top what they have done for DeAndre Jordan.

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