Cody Durden brought the wrong kind of attention to himself after he defeated Qileng Aori at UFC Vegas 43. After he won his fight, he went on to say: “I had to send him back to China where he came from.”

The comment created a very awkward reaction from everyone involved and Twitter took no time at all to blast him for his comments. It soured a good win at UFC Vegas 43.

Cody Durden was asked about the comments by the media in the post-fight press conference. He doubled down and said whoever had a problem could meet him in the UFC cage.

“If they don’t like it, do something,” Durden said. “Sign the contract, it doesn’t matter to me. I said what I said and it is what it is. Yeah, emotions were high. It’s the fight business. He’s punching me in the face and I was punching him in the face. It’s his family or mine, and tonight my family eats.”

The media followed up by asking Cody Durden if his comments were racially motivated. The UFC fighter was quick to shoot that down.

“No,” Durden said. “No, man, it’s all good.”

Cody Durden went on to explain that his comments stemmed from a lack of sportsmanship from his opponent. He didn't want to shake hands or touch gloves at UFC Vegas 43.

“Yeah, I took it personal,” Durden said. “He didn’t want to shake my hand, that’s fine. I didn’t want to touch gloves and that’s why he got kicked at the beginning of the fight. Business is business and we handled business like gentlemen in the cage.”

It is unclear if Cody Durden will face any kind of discipline from the UFC. The promotion has yet to address the controversy.