Colts news: Chris Ballard wants 'some debate' in team's draft room
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Colts GM Chris Ballard wants ‘some debate’ in team’s draft room

Chris Ballard, Colts

Indianapolis Colts general manager Chris Ballard doesn’t like it when his team’s draft room is too quiet.

Ballard shared his sentiments with The Indianapolis Star’s Joel A. Erickson on April 14.

“I don’t like it when there’s just silence in the room. We want some debate, we want some argument. If everybody’s thinking alike, then nobody’s thinking.”

The Colts GM also told Erickson on Sunday the team doesn’t rely on mock drafts and the like. Instead, the Colts’ scouting team relies on its unique way of evaluating players.

“We prepare for every scenario, but I don’t really worry about mocks and what everybody else is thinking.

We hear (things), we’ll talk to people, we’ll look at (the possibilities), but at the end of the day, we’re going to set it how we look at it, we’re going to go through scenarios if these guys are (available).”

Ballard also admitted there are times when things get “tense” during discussions about players’ possible draft positions, per The Indianapolis Star. However, he merely considers these moments as “times when people get passionate.”

Indianapolis has eight selections in the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft. They own the rights to the 26th, 34th, 59th, 89th, 129th, 164th, 199th, and 240th picks.

The Colts finished with a 10-6 (.625) win-loss record in the 2018 NFL season (a six-game improvement from 2017). They also reached the AFC Divisional Round but lost to the Kansas City Chiefs, 31-13.

Expect Ballard and Co. to build on the team’s recent success. According to Erickson, the Colts put a total of 41 players through the team’s local pro day at the Indiana Farm Bureau Football Center on April 13. The most prominent name was Notre Dame Fighting Irish pass rusher Jerry Tillery.

Erickson admits none of the players who turned up on Saturday “will show up in first-round mock drafts over the next two weeks.” However, Ballard believes Indy will end up plucking them from the draft pool. Some of them might even get a chance as undrafted free agents.

The 2019 NFL Draft will commence on April 25 at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, Ten.