Colts officially place Andrew Luck on reserve/retired list
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Colts officially place Andrew Luck on reserve/retired list

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The entire Indy football community is still reeling from the aftershocks of the earthquake that is Andrew Luck’s retirement. Plenty of Colts fans are probably still in denial, but the franchise has seemingly started their healing process.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Network noted that the Indianapolis Colts have officially placed their franchise QB on the reserve/retired list. It was a painful sight for many Indy fans to see, but it is something they have to experience if they want to focus on getting ready for the upcoming season.

However, there is a caveat to the entire move. There is still a possibility for a Lucky comeback if he somehow changes his mind:

NFL Media (i.e., the NFL) explained on Sunday that, if Luck tries to return to the Colts before the trade deadline, he has to pass through waivers. That conflicts with my prior understanding of the rules, which was that a player on the reserve/retired list could emerge from retirement at any time before the Tuesday after Week 13, and that if he were released when attempting to return after the trade deadline, he’d be required to pass through waivers.

To say that the process is complicated is an understatement. There will be a ton of paperwork for the former Stanford stalwart to go through if he decides to make a comeback.

And we can be sure that Indy will more than welcome him back if he wants to. His numbers during the Colts’ 2018 campaign is more than enough to warm the toughest of hearts in Indianapolis. He passed for 4593 yards and completed 39 touchdowns,  the highest they’ve ever been since his outstanding 2014 run.

Everyone is still confused with everything that happened over the weekend. However, the Colts are making the right move by trying to move forward with or without Luck.