For a couple of weeks, it seemed like Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich had rookie running back Jonathan Taylor in the doghouse. And in their recent loss to the Baltimore Ravens, where Taylor committed a costly fumble that totally swung the momentum of the game, the 2020 2nd round pick barely received touches following his error.

Nonetheless, despite this rough patch, Colts coach Reich reiterated that they still have plenty of confidence for their rookie RB.

“I can tell you this, there was never any discussion over the headset about, ‘Hey, let’s get the other guys in there,’” Reich said, per Joel Erickson of the Indianapolis Star. “That was not talked about. It was, ‘He has to get over it and get ready to go.’ We have confidence in him, all the confidence in the world.”

Taylor actually got the start on Sunday, despite getting relegated to the bench against the Detroit Lions in Week 8. The former Wisconsin Badger looked good early on and even scored on a touchdown in the first quarter for the Colts.

However, his day slowly turned into doom after the ball was knocked off his hands as he made his way for 10 yards. Baltimore got the ball and scored on a touchdown on the other end to even up the score.

Obviously, there were still three quarters to play. But it was clear that the fumble threw off the Colts for the rest of the game.

Despite this rough stretch, Indianapolis should still keep their confidence in their 21-year old rookie. He's still getting used to the NFL and will undoubtedly have growing pains. Nonetheless, Taylor still has a ton of talent and should continue to grow over time.