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Pierre Desir’s main focus was returning to Indianapolis Colts

Pierre Desir, Colts

The Indianapolis Colts are looking to repeat the surprising success they had last season. After making it to the divisional round of the playoffs following a Wild Card round victory over the Texans, expectations are high heading into 2019.

They won’t have the benefit of catching teams by surprise anymore and everyone knows they’re a legit contender. The Colts shocked everyone by battling back from a 1-5 record to make the playoffs, and now they need to show everyone it wasn’t a fluke. That starts with retaining all their key guys from last season.

One of the crucial pieces of last year’s defense is back in the fold, as Pierre Desir re-signed on a three-year deal.

Desir came out of nowhere to suddenly become a star in the secondary last season. He had never started more than six games in a year before, but became a full-time starter last year in Indianapolis, and received the 18th-best grade of any cornerback from Pro Football Focus.

Desir flirted with a few other teams in free agency, but apparently always knew where he wanted to be. Desir said his “main focus” was going to back to Indianapolis from the start, according to Joel Erickson of the Indianapolis Star.

Desir seems like he’s all in on Frank Reich’s vision, and that’s great news for Colts fans. Reich has been all about building a new culture since he took over as head coach, and one of his key guys has clearly bought in.

Between this re-signing and the acquisition of Devin Funchess, the Colts have been making some quiet good moves. They’re here to stay in the AFC playoff picture.