The Indianapolis Colts are getting ready for the 2023 NFL season with high hopes after a not-so-great campaign in 2022. But don't worry, the warm-up games have been really good for a bunch of players. It's like they're turning things around, and we're here to tell you all about it. In this article, we'll talk about the awesome performances of Anthony Richardson, Deon Jackson, Darrell Baker Jr, and Arlington Hambright during the 2023 NFL warm-up matches. These players are doing so well that Colts fans have every reason to be super excited about the new season.

How the Colts Did Last Season

Before we jump into how cool the Indianapolis Colts' players did in the warm-up games, let's take a quick look back at how they did last season. They ended up with a not-so-awesome 4-12-1 record. That is pretty disappointing for a team that everyone thought would do better. But hold on, there were some good reasons for this. There were injuries and other stuff that got in their way. Even though last season was tough, the Colts didn't give up. This gives us hope that they can bounce back this time.

Now let's look at the four Colts players who have skyrocketing stock amid the 2023 NFL preseason.

1. Anthony Richardson

Anthony Richardson wasn't perfect in the Colts' first preseason game. He even threw an interception on his first try. Yeah, that was a mistake. No way around it. He got a bit mixed up and threw the ball when he shouldn't have.

But you know what? He bounced back big time. That's what matters more. He really took control of the game in the last two turns he got. He even threw a great pass to Alec Pierce, who almost caught it for a touchdown. If he had, it would've been a 34-yard touchdown!

Of course, Richardson still has some things to learn, especially about how he moves his feet. He has a whole season to learn and improve. Remember that this was just his 14th time playing since he started college. So, even though the scores might not show it, this was a good start for him. In fact, he's so awesome that he's already the team's QB1.

2. Deon Jackson

Another player who's been super great during training camp and preseason is running back Deon Jackson. He has been showing off how quick and slippery he is on the field. He is really helping the Colts' offense. Jackson has been super smart, finding the right places to run and making cool moves. He's not just good at running, though. He's also great at catching passes. This makes him a double threat, which is awesome. Because Jackson has been so amazing so far, he's for sure going to be part of the team when the real games start. Even though the other running backs had some trouble, Jackson really stood out last week. He got to run six times and made 35 yards. With some of the other guys hurt, Jackson is leading the way right now.

3. Darrell Baker Jr

Let's switch to the defensive side of things. There's this new cornerback name Darrell Baker Jr, and he's been amazing during the preseason. Even though he's new and just starting out, he's been stopping opposing receivers from catching the ball. He's so fast and good at following the ball that everyone's really impressed. The coaches and his teammates are all talking about how great he is. Baker is going to be quite important for the Colts' defense. Even though he only got to play for a short time, he has made a big impact. It's clear he's one of the better players on the defensive unit already.

4. Arlington Hambright

The Colts offensive line has been a bit of a worry in the past. However, Arlington Hambright has been doing really well so far. He's an offensive tackle, and he's been showing how strong and skilled he is. He's been making sure the quarterback has enough time to throw the ball and helping the running backs find the right path. It's been a nice surprise for everyone to see how good Hambright has become. He's been doing such a good job that people are starting to notice. Even though the second and third teams had some trouble in their preseason game, Hambright didn't let anyone from the other team come close to the quarterback in 21 tries. That's pretty amazing. If he keeps this up, he'll definitely get to be on the team when the real games begin. Heck, he may even start soon.

Team Outlook

The Indianapolis Colts have a lot of reasons to feel good about the upcoming season. That's thanks to guys like Anthony Richardson, Deon Jackson, Darrell Baker Jr, and Arlington Hambright all doing such a great job. Having Richardson on the team and as the new starting QB signals a new and hopefully positive era in Indianapolis football. They've got a good base to build on. With some good coaching and lots of hard work, they could really compete well in the 2023 NFL season.

As the Colts get ready for the 2023 NFL season, everyone's talking about the improvements that this team's players have been showing during preseason. Fans and experts are all really excited about what they've been doing. These players have a lot of potential, and they've shown everyone how great they can be. With them playing so well, the Colts could really turn things around and do great in the new season. For sure, they'd do better than four wins, right? As we get closer to the real games, everyone will be watching these rising stars closely. They're going to make a big difference in how well the team does.