Dallas Cowboys offensive lineman Zack Martin was a no-show on the first day of the team's training camp in Oxnard. It's not a secret that Martin wants his contract with Dallas to be restructured, but so far, the Cowboys are not blinking.

Making the stance of the Cowboys on Martin even clearer is the latest statement from team owner Jerry Jones, who doubled down on the need for players to adhere to the stipulations of the contracts they signed.

“You have to have agreements that are solid, or you couldn't maintain a roster – if you re-shuffle the deck every time. Nothing to do with Zack at all,” Jones told Sports Illustrated when asked about his thoughts on players who are holding out in hopes of getting a new deal.

“The facts are, at all times, you have to rely on those contracts. This isn't reflective of Zack. But you've got to rely on the integrity of the contract.,' Jones added.

Martin has been among the most consistent performers of the Cowboys over the last several years. He's seen at least 94 percent of offensive snaps in all but one of his nine seasons since turning pro in 2014 Moreover, Martin is a six-time First-Team AP All-Pro and an eight-time Pro Bowler. His importance to the Cowboys' offense can't be understated and he knows it, hence his desire for a restructured contract.

The 32-year-old product of the Notre Dame Fighting Irish program has a cap hit of $11.04 million in 2023 and will earn $13 million in base salary in 2024.