The Dallas Cowboys fell back to Earth after a 28-16 road loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. Since then, fans, critics, players and pundits have done their best to make sense of what happened and why it happened.

The Cowboys are expected to make a key change against the Patriots after a recent signing was announced. Quarterback Dak Prescott offered his blunt assessment of the team's red zone issues.

On Tuesday LeSean McCoy, a former Cowboys rival with the Philadelphia Eagles, shared  a strong take on Prescott and the Cowboys' offensive brain trust that many fans will not like. He went off on Mike McCarthy's team for being “too conservative” against the Cardinals and leveled accusations that the team does not trust Prescott.

“They were super conservative…why are they super conservative?” McCoy pondered out loud. “They don’t have a rookie quarterback. They don’t trust Dak Prescott. If you’re gonna pay a QB $160 something million dollars and you don’t trust him to throw the ball without making turnovers — you can’t win like that”

The Cowboys are scheduled to take on the Patriots at home this coming Sunday afternoon. Prescott is completing 67.6% of his passes, but his 6.3 yards per completion number is the lowest of his career.

“Rare LeSean McCoy W,” one fan said in response to the comments from the former All-Pro running back. “I agree. Dak isn't him,” another fan said.

“Cowboys lost to the worst team in the NFL,” another fan added with a long series of crying emojis.

“Mike McCarthy has always called offenses conservatively,” still another fan added, seemingly taking Prescott's side on the issue.