The Dallas Cowboys are gearing up to change their game plan prior to their Week 4 matchup versus the New England Patriots. The Patriots already have former Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliot, but after New England signed former Cowboys backup quarterback Will Grier, the Cowboys know they have to switch up their hand signals so that the Patriots can't anticipate their plays and calls.

Cowboys offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer addressed this concern saying, “We know Will knows where a lot of the bones are buried. We know Zeke does as well … I’m sure (Grier) is definitely being interrogated,” via ESPN's Todd Archer.

Signing Will Grier before the Dallas game is another classic chess move on Bill Belichick's behalf. Though a move like this is quite common across the league, Belichick has constantly made under the radar moves like this in order to give his team even the slightest advantage over their other opponent.

However, if the Cowboys offense plays like it did versus the Cardinals, the Patriots may not even need the advantage. The Cowboys played their worst game of the season in Week 3, losing to the Cardinals 28-16 after practically being crowned the next Super Bowl champs following Weeks 1 and 2. Their offense could only muster up one touchdown while the defense allowed the Cardinals offense to run wild on the field.

Still, the Patriots are just 1-2 and were just able to close out a win over the Zach Wilson-led Jets. Though they have been competitive in all three of their games this year, they are not exactly dominant or above seeking out an advantage to help get a win.