Dallas Cowboys running back Tony Pollard is one of the best players in the NFL. He recently took some time for an exclusive interview with ClutchPoints. In addition to discussing his new partnership with Chili's, Pollard talked about Ezekiel Elliott's departure, Dak Prescott criticism, the Cowboys' Super Bowl chances, and more.

Without further ado, let's get into the interview.

Cowboys: Tony Pollard exclusive interview

Joey Mistretta: I wanted to get your thoughts on this, and I know you've talked about this quite a bit, but Ezekiel Elliott obviously leaving the Cowboys this year… what was something that maybe you really learned from him? 

Tony Pollard: The way that he prepares throughout the week for the game. The way that he film study, the way that he is able to break the defenses down and just recognize different things on the fly. Just as far as like the mental aspect of the game and slowing it down, that's what I really picked up the most.

Mistretta: Looking at the Cowboys this season, you guys have started off pretty well obviously… has anything really stood out for you from this specific Cowboys 2023 team?

Tony Pollard: It feels like, guys are more locked in. I feel like everybody has bought into the new offense, you know, bought into the system, everything that we have going. It feels like, as far as like attention to detail… there's a lot more attention to details that guys are locked into now.

Tony Pollard, Cowboys

Mistretta: If you have any favorite players in the NFL, not on the Cowboys… anybody in the NFL you really enjoy watching?

Tony Pollard: Anybody in the NFL that I enjoy watching? I mean, I enjoy watching lot of different guys. Guys like Saquon (Barkley), Nick Chubb, Jonathan Taylor. I mean, I like pretty much all the top guys at all the different positions because you know, I'm watching everything for the most part.

Mistretta: Obviously going up against some of the toughest defenses in the league, is there a specific defense that you would say is the hardest defense you've gone up against?

Tony Pollard: I mean as of right now I would say… we've had two good games that we've played against two good defenses. Especially with the defensive fronts that we played against the Giants and Jets. I would say probably the Jets, that was probably our most challenging game, our most physical game as far as like O-Line, D-Line.

Mistretta: Is there a certain player, throughout the course of your career not just this season, that when you're going up against a defense and there's a certain player on that side… is there a certain player you circle and you say, “oh shoot, this is going to be a tough game”?

Tony Pollard: Honestly, not really. That's not really my game. I'm big on watching my own tape, my own film study and trying to pick up on my habits and what I'm putting on film so I can be on top of what I'm showing guys and what they can watch film on me doing… I feel like it's more about what I'm doing rather than whoever I'm going against if you get what I'm saying.

Mistretta: Going back to the Cowboys, Dak Prescott is such an interesting quarterback because he's so talented, yet it seems like he gets a lot of criticism, just for interceptions. What are your thoughts on Dak here in 2023 and his progression?

Tony Pollard: Dak, that's our leader. That's our quarterback. I mean, the criticism, the scrutiny, that comes with it once you're a Dallas Cowboy especially once you're the starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. But the way we look at him in the locker room, we don't bat an eye, we don't second guess any decision he makes. That's our guy. We believe in him all the way, through and through.

Tony Pollard, Dak Prescott, Cowboys

Mistretta: I know it's not the beginning of the season but it's still early and obviously the main goal is to win a Super Bowl, but did you have any specific individual goals that you wanted to accomplish this season?

Tony Pollard: Honestly, I just… I'm big on just getting better every year. I feel like if I just find a way to better my numbers every year I'll be right where I want to be. So wherever you saw my numbers last year, I just want all of those numbers to be better and that will be a good year for me.

Mistretta: The final question I have, the Cowboys have been really a solid team now for a little bit… what do you believe it will take for this specific Cowboys team to reach the Super Bowl during the 2023-24 season?

Tony Pollard: We just gotta keep chopping wood, keep taking things one day at a time. Don't look too far ahead, don't listen to the noise. Don't buy into all the hype. Just keep moving forward and getting better.

Tony Pollard, Cowboys, Super Bowl