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Washington coach Ron Rivera claiming to apologize for Cowboys’ Andy Dalton hit by Jon Bostic

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Following a blowout win against the Dallas Cowboys, Washington Football Team head coach Ron Rivera had a prevailing topic above all else to get off his chest: his apology to Mike McCarthy and the Cowboys for the dirty hit by linebacker Jon Bostic.

Bostic delivered a brutal blow to the head of Dalton late in the third quarter with roughly six minutes remaining, taking the veteran passer out of the game, replacing him with Cowboys rookie signal-caller Ben DiNucci.

After being unsuccessful in finding an open receiver, Dalton opted to scramble for a first down. After the former Bengal attempting a sliding maneuver to avoid a hit, Bostic lowered his head before colliding with Dalton, forcing the quarterback’s helmet to go flying as he laid face-down on the field.

Rivera apparently confronted Bostic following his ejection and giving him a piece of his mind on the unnecessary hit.

“I told him, Jon, you’re a veteran guy, you should know better,” Rivera said, via Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk. “I didn’t see it and I was really kind of asking everyone what happened. They said, ‘He hit him, Coach.’ And then when he got ejected, that really surprised me.”

Rivera also turned his attention to Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy to extend his apology following the play.

“I went up to him and apologized to him for it,” Rivera said of McCarthy. “I wanted him to know that we don’t play that way, and it’s unfortunate that it happened.”

McCarthy, though grateful that Dalton was able to walk off the field, was left unsatisfied with his team’s effort in having Dalton’s back after he went down. Fortunately enough, Dalton was reported to be alert and in good spirits as he planned to fly home with the team, though he can’t recall what happened on the play that he was hit by Bostic.