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David Fizdale sees Kobe Bryant potential in Andrew Wiggins

On Saturday night, the Memphis Grizzlies came out with a victory over the Minnesota Timberwolves, 93-71.

During the game, Timberwolves budding star Andrew Wiggins struggled. The athletic forward went 2-of-11 for only seven points and four rebounds. It tied Wiggins’ lowest scoring game for the season.

Nevertheless, Memphis head coach David Fizdale had good things to say about Wiggins. Via ESPN:

“He’s really turning into a Kobe Bryant type player.”

That is quite the praise for Wiggins who is only on his third year in the NBA. The biggest asset that Wiggins might have is his youth. He is only 21-years-old and will turn 22 in February.

The Kansas product is currently averaging a career-best 24.8 points per game. If he can keep that pace, then he will have increased his scoring number significantly for the second year in a row by season’s end. Wiggins’ three-point shooting has also improved exponentially. Last season he shot 30% from beyond the arc, but this year he is at 44%.

When Kobe Bryant was in his third year in the league he was averaging 19.9 points per game including only 26.7% from behind the three-point line. Bryant was a year younger than Wiggins on year three. The main difference between Bryant and Wiggins at this point in their careers is that the Lakers great was able to be on a successful playoff team.

While Wiggins has quite a bit of work to do, the talent is there. Minnesota is a young team that is developing more and more every game. The team has not made as big of a stride as most thought they would this year, sitting at only 4-8 right now in the team standings. Good thing for the fans is that this team will be young for a long time.

The future of Minnesota basketball is glowing. With Andrew Wiggins leading the pack, it will only beam brighter in the coming years.

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