Death Stranding Director's Cut will release later this month, and Hideo Kojima personally recorded and edited footage for the game's Final Trailer. Seems only fitting for something called a “Director's Cut”, don't you think?

However, incoming first-time players might want to steer clear of this trailer because it does heavily feature some key moments and scenes from the game – you have been warned, there will be spoilers.

WATCH: Death Stranding Director's Cut FINAL Trailer

Additionally, the new trailer shows off the game in the PlayStation 5's native 4K resolution, presenting different cutscenes and environments from the game, including some combat segments. Several new features coming to Death Stranding Director's Cut were also highlighted in the trailer.

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New Features in Death Stranding Director's Cut

New Tools

A handful of new delivery tools will become available in Death Stranding Director's Cut, like a cargo launcher, and boots that will decrease fall damage, allowing Sam's journey to be a little safer. Another new feature is the Buddy Bot, which allows for more cargo to be carried. Players can also use the Buddy Bot to haul everything while Sam can just ride along. There will also be new weapons available.

Firing Range

A firing range will be added to the game, allowing players to practice their aim and gun handling without any risks. This new feature coming to the game will also include a high-score tracker and leaderboards.

New Delivery Missions

It wouldn't truly be a Director's Cut without new missions, so several new ones will be making their way into the game. This includes one that involves going into a subterranean facility.

Revisit Boss Battles

From Sam's room, players can access the ability to revisit boss battles to earn high scores, which will be tracked onto a leader board to see where you stand against other players.

Other New Content

Some smaller additions to the game are new songs for Sam to dance to in his room, and a new racing minigame, where players can race on the motor bike and other available vehicles. Interestingly though, the Director's Cut also replaces all the Monster Energy product placement with a generic in-game brand.

Death Stranding Director's Cut releases for the PlayStation 5 on September 24, 2021. In other Death Stranding news, there's already some speculation for an incoming sequel – you can read about it here.