Former Disney Channel star Alyson Stoner came out as pansexual in the public eye back in 2018. In an essay for Teen Vogue, they shared their experience falling in love with a woman. But that fateful essay also lost them their job, per TooFab.

In a new interview on the I'm Literally Screaming with Spencewuah podcast, Stoner opened up about their hesitation to come out at the time. Thankfully, they had some supportive, Christian managers on their side. They were “very loving and supportive and helpful” when they expressed the desire to live as their true self. But managers also knew about the impact it could have on the young actor's career.

The former Disney star said that their managers warned them that “it could affect not only perceptions but also, like, hire-ability for jobs.”

And the managers were right. Stoner said, “I did end up getting fired from a children's show,” although they did not specify which show.

Stoner said they were fired because “they felt that I was unsafe, now that they knew I was queer, to be around kids. So, there was definitely discrimination there,” Stoner sad, “but the beauty far outweighs the hate comments and death threats.”

Alyson Stoner is best known for their role of Caitlyn Geller in Camp Rock and Camp Rock The Final Jam. They rose to fame after making their debut dancing in Missy Elliott's Work It music video in 2002. From there, they went on to host Mike's Super Short Show and feature in shows like Drake & Josh, That's So Raven, The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Phineas and Ferb, Cheaper by the Dozen.