Disneyland’s exclusive dining club, Club 33, is about to go public — at the movies, at least, according to an exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter.

Darren Lemke, who wrote the family-friendly films Goosebumps, starring Jack Black and the 2019 DC superhero film Shazam!, is attached to write the script which will be set in a fantastical world about the private club.

Shawn Levy, director of Deadpool & Wolverine, Dan Levine and Dan Cohen will produce the movie through 21 Laps Entertainment. The production company’s projects include Netflix’s Stranger Things and the limited series All The Light We Cannot See.

The film is described to have the tone and vibes of 1985’s Clue and Levy’s Night at the Museum trilogy, which was set in a museum with its exhibits and historical figures coming to life.

Welcome to Club 33

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Club 33’s story follows a young detective wanna-be who receives a mysterious invitation to the highly secretive Club 33. For the movie, the club is a magical and exclusive dining club with members who are the most famous and iconic figures from across our history. When a murder is committed inside the club, its patrons ask the aspiring detective to solve it.

The film is Disney’s latest project to bring its theme parks onto the big screen. It has a tradition for the entertainment giant to adapt its attractions, starting with The Pirates of the Caribbean, which became a billion-dollar film franchise, and in turn fueled interest in the park. Since then, Disney has adapted other attractions into films such as 2015’s Tomorrowland, 2021’s Jungle Cruise and last year’s Haunted Mansion. However, those weren’t as successful as Pirates.

Non-marquee attractions are feeling the film love as well. Ron Moore is currently developing a Disney+ series which will be based on Society of Explorers and Adventurers. Ryan Reynolds is also working on a movie on the same subject.

While Club 33 started out at the Disneyland Park, it opened a version of it at the Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 and at the Shanhai Disney Resort in 2016. In the US, a Walt Disney World Club 33 was opened in 2017 and another one in Hollywood Studios in 2018.

It first opened in 1967 which was modeled after the executive VIP lounges at the 1964 New York World’s Fair. When it first opened, Club 33 was the only place within the park that offered alcoholic drinks.

Club 33 can be found above the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, next to Walt Disney’s former apartment. The club’s entrance was formerly next to the Blue Bayou Restaurant at 33 Royal Street, recognizable through the ornate address plate engraved with the number 33. After a major remodeling in 2014, the entrance was relocated to the Court of Angels.

The Conspiracy in the Name

While there have been many conspiracy theories surrounding the name of the club, Disney has stated that it’s simply named at the its address. Some of the speculation is that it refers to the 33 institutional patrons at Disneyland from 1966 to 1967. Others believe that it refers to the Freemasonry’s 33rd degree, its highest, a supreme honor given to those who have demonstrated outstanding service to the organization.

Originally, Club 33 was intended to host the company’s corporate sponsors. However, when it opened six months after Disney’s death, individual memberships were offered. The club’s membership has always been exclusive since it opened. In 2007, the waitlist was so long that Disney officially closed the waitlist for five years.

The membership cost was reportedly at $50,000 for the initiation fee and $15,000 annually for individuals. Corporate memberships were said to be more expensive. Filming is also not allowed inside the promises and photography is limited. As of 2022, individuals who are invited to join reportedly pay closer to $60,000 to $70,000 for initiation and up to $20,000 yearly.

Since the project is still in development, no other details are available.