Dave Roberts and the Los Angeles Dodgers are preparing to have either Ryan Pepiot or Michael Grove join the big league rotation if Tony Gonsolin is unable to go to start the season. The right-hander is dealing with an injury, although it isn't considered to be too serious. Nevertheless, the Dodgers will potentially use a number young pitchers this season. Roberts explained the importance of Noah Syndergaard's veteran impact on LA's young arms.

“I think with Noah (Syndergaard), the thing that he can help with young players, veteran players is the consistency of work,” Roberts told me. “He's very intentional about… whether it's diet, working out, stuff on the field, he's very consistent with that. That's probably something that any young player or veteran player can really appreciate.”

The Dodgers signed Noah Syndergaard this offseason after he pitched with the Los Angeles Angels and Philadelphia Phillies in 2022. The 30-year old was once regarded as one of the better pitchers in baseball before injuries forced him to take a step back. However, Syndergaard believes he can return to form in Los Angeles.

Velocity has been a primary topic surrounding Syndergaard this spring. Roberts said there's more to the situation than simply tracking Syndergaard's velocity. He believes the former New York Mets' star can impact the Dodgers in a number of ways.

The team is hopeful that Tony Gonsolin won't need to miss a significant amount of time. Regardless of when he returns, Noah Syndergaard is set to play a pivotal role in the rotation this season.