Dolphins news: Brian Flores 'cautiously optimistic' 2020 NFL season will be played
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Dolphins coach Brian Flores ‘cautiously optimistic’ 2020 NFL season will be played

Brian Flores, Dolphins

Even with the month of August creeping up a little bit closer each and every day, Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores remains cautiously optimistic that the 2020 NFL season will be played this fall.

While it remains to be seen as to how exactly the league goes about keeping players safe and handling the ongoing “coronavirus” pandemic, Flores definitely wants his Dolphins to take the field but also understands that a lot has to go right for that to eventually happen in 2020.

“I’m cautiously optimistic we’re going to play,” Flores recently told The Palm Beach Post. “I think a lot has to go right and I think we’re doing the things we need to do as an organization here to make sure those things go right.”

With the state of Florida serving as one of the biggest hotbeds for the “coronavirus” on Planet Earth as it stands today, the Dolphins coach wants to make sure that his players and personnel feel safe when at the team’s facility.

“Our goal is to make sure our facility is a place where the players feel safe,” Flores added, via The Palm Beach Post.

Even players that don’t play on teams that reside in states like Florida, Texas, and Arizona have spoken out about being concerned about the league’s lack of direction with July now halfway over. Because training camp is supposed to begin in the coming weeks with the preseason slate already shortened, the NFL will need to move quickly in order to properly prepare for a potential season in 2020.