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Dolphins waives Kendrick Norton with non-football injury designation

Dolphins, Kendrick Norton

Miami Dolphins defensive tackle Kendrick Norton had to see his football career end entirely too fast. This all happened this offseason following a car crash – when he had to have his left arm amputated.

However, the Dolphins are doing a great job of trying to continue and support the young player. That trend continued on Sunday, when they waived him with a non-football injury designation, according to ESPN’s Field Yates.

As the tweet shows, this will enable them to pay his salary for the season. Technically, he was a seventh-round pick of the Carolina Panthers, but that’s just nit-picking.

Most importantly is what this means for Norton. As a seventh-round pick, it’s not like he’s about to make millions of dollars. However, he will get just under $500,000. That’s more money than anyone would complain about.

It also gives him a chance to start something new. Obviously, without an arm, it would be hard for Norton to continue an NFL career. He now has the opportunity to begin a new venture in his life. Whether that’s something still football-related or not, the Dolphins are giving him a much better chance at succeeding.

While the story sucks, Norton can turn this into just a bump on the road in his long life. Yes, the ideal situation would be for him never to have lost his arm in the first place. From there he could have built a long and successful NFL career. However, you can’t change the past. Now it’s up to him to stay positive.

Hopefully, Kendrick Norton can do that and have a long and happy life. It appears he has the support of the Miami Dolphins.