There were a lot of factors for the Miami Dolphins' loss to Lamar Jackson and the Baltimore Ravens. Inefficient plays, the lack of gains through the game, and the lack of better judgment in some calls may have been the root cause. But, Mike McDaniel could not deny how big Bradley Chubb's injury impacted their plan and, eventually, the result of the game, via Marce Louis-Jacques of ESPN.

“Seeing a competitor go down and then have to get a cart, it's always pretty emotional. I understand fully that it doesn't look very smart at all. The players wanted to go back in and finish the right way heading into next week. I would like a time machine, for sure, in that situation after the events that occurred,” Mike McDaniel declared.

Bradley Chubb was very close to tying his personal record for sacks. He held 11 of them which was more than any current Dolphins player. Unfortunately, this pursuit for greatness fell massively short after the linebacker went down. He was catching Melvin Gordon but his ankle would give up which resulted in a pain that could only be visualized by his grimacing face.

The Dolphins really wanted to get back into the groove in the clutch. But, this cost them arguably their greatest defender. They also could not outgun Lamar Jackson as he delivered touchdown passes to every Ravens weapon in sight. Hopefully, Chubb can recover fast such that he can rejoin his brothers in their quest to get another Super Bowl trophy.