The Miami Dolphins have been one of the most compelling teams through the first two weeks of NFL action, starting the season off with back-to-back wins. If they hope to make it three in a row, Tyreek Hill and co. have their work cut out for them in Week 3 with arguably the strongest team in the league in Josh Allen's Buffalo Bills coming into town.

Hill knows the stakes at play and more than welcomes the challenge. It's a chance to make a statement that the Dolphins are who they claim to be if they're able to go toe-to-toe with the might Bills.

Via Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald:

“It’s going to be a crazy game, two 2-0 teams, division game,” Tyreek Hill said. “It’s going to be crazy. Atmosphere is going to be crazy. Attitude, energy all over the field. The best is supposed to want to play the best. You shouldn’t run from no challenge. I know this team is looking forward to it.”

The Super Bowl-winning wide receiver also sent out some words of advice for his relatively young squad. Respect Josh Allen and the Bills, but play to their strengths and don't let respect turn into fear.

“I don’t say they fear the Bills,’ Tyreek Hill said. “Probably a little more respect. For me, my message to them is it’s just another football game. Do what we’ve been doing our whole life. And let’s be fast. You see this offense is electric, and one thing NFL defenses fear is speed.”

The Dolphins have a lot to gain in Week 3 and Tyreek Hill sure as hell knows it.