His name is Hill.

Tyreek Hill.

He's the Miami Dolphins wide receiver who is just 519 yards away from making NFL history, potentially becoming the first player in NFL history to finish a season with 2,000 yards receiving. And while Hill doesn't believe it's realistic that he'll be in the MVP conversation at season's end, he does have a plan what for what he'll do if/when he reaches the 2,000 yard mark.

I have a few thoughts:

First of all, this has been such a remarkably strange year for MVP discourse that Tyreek Hill damn well better be in the MVP conversation at the end of the season! I can't remember a season with such a glaring lack of a stand-out candidate for MVP. It feels simultaneously like twelve guys should be in the MVP conversation and nobody should be in the MVP conversation. Enter Tyreek Hill, the league's most dynamic wide receiver, who along with Mike McDaniel is responsible for nearly all of the MVP buzz that Tua Tagovailoa has been getting. And sure, it's nice that Hill gave some love to his quarterback, but the same way you can't tell me that Brock Purdy is more valuable to the 49ers than Christian McCaffrey, I won't be convinced that Tua is more valuable than Tyreek.

Second of all, despite the fact that my father has been in the car business for nearly thirty years, I'm not at all a car guy. I don't really understand the appeal. Just give me something that can get me from point A to point B safely, and I'm all set, thanks. With that said, I am a James Bond fan, so when I hear “Aston Martin,” the first thing that comes to mind is 007. Is Tyreek Hill a James Bond fan? Did he, like I did, grow up playing GoldenEye on N64? Was he just as stunned as I was by the ending of No Time To Die? These are questions I need the answers to.

Third, I think it's admirable that Hill is using the Aston Martin as a carrot dangling in front of him. Surely, after signing a four-year, $120 million contract, he could afford the car now. But why not keep that carrot dangling until he reaches the 2,000 yard mark?