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WATCH: Drake goes full Shaqtin a Fool with botched Stephen Curry attempt

Drake, Stephen Curry

Drake may be one of the top rappers in the game today, but he clearly isn’t the best ballplayer around. While he’s a huge fan of the NBA, that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s good at actually playing the sport.

A clip of Drizzy playing 1-on-1 against fellow Canadian rapper Tory Lanez is currently making its rounds on social media, and it isn’t exactly because of Drake’s exceptional basketball skills. The Grammy Award-winning hip-hop icon attempted an audacious triple in Stephen Curry territory and it resulted in a hilarious Shaqtin a Fool moment (h/t My Mixtapez on Twitter):

Drake has been around Steph enough to appreciate the Golden State Warriors star’s unrivaled style of play. He probably thought he’d give it a shot–literally–but it did not end well for Drake. Instead, he missed the rim by a good distance. It seems that the 34-year-old rapper immediately regretted his decision after he realized how badly he airballed that shot.

It’s a good thing we’re currently in the offseason. Otherwise, Shaq would have probably included this moment into his weekly slate of Shaqtin’ a Fool moments. Drake could even be in contention for Shaqtin MVP with this one.

To be fair, we didn’t see the entire video. Drake could have dominated the 1-on-1 contest, but unfortunately for him, the clip that has gone viral does not exactly show his best side.