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Duke star Zion Williamson wears 12 Adidas logo in IG live video

Zion Williamson

Duke star Zion Williamson hasn’t played a game since Feb. 20 but that doesn’t mean he is laying low and out of sight. A shoe mishap that led to a strained knee is almost behind the rookie sensation, though he may have bigger things on his mind right now.

In an Instagram live video on Zion’s page, he was spotted sporting some Adidas gear with the logo plastered all over.

Darren Rovell of Action Network broke down how this could be quite the power play:

Ahead of the 2019 NBA Draft, Zion Williamson still remains the consensus number one pick for whoever wins the lottery. For the young hooper, that also means he is in line for a massive shoe deal. With the level of marketability a player like Zion has, he stands to be quite the commodity as an upcoming sneaker free agent.

Nike remains the Goliath of the NBA sneaker world. Players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and Paul George comprise the brand’s star-studded lineup. They will likely be one of the top brands looking to send a bag Zion’s way.

Looking for reintroduction into the hoops sneaker big leagues, Puma has been aggressive in the past season, especially in their efforts to sign young talent. Last year’s first overall pick, DeAndre Ayton, Marvin Bagley, and Michael Porter Jr. all wound up Puma athletes very early into their pro careers. Under Armour, as well, has attempted to add some big names to their brand, most notably Stephen Curry and Joel Embiid.

The IG live video could be a sign that Zion prefers Adidas, who have an impressive array of athletes of their own, such as James Harden and rookie stud Trae Young.

However, Rovell could be right and it all just be gas on the upcoming bidding war fire.